Forthcoming Article

Vol. 2 No. 3 Maret 2023

1. Employment Status of Sorsogon State College Castilla Campus Graduates from Year 2013-2017

    Milagros N. Ebuenga, Rochele N. Aragon, Achilles G. Honasan, Perla D. Fortin

2. Conservation Practices of Maguindanaons in Lake Buluan, Maguindanao, BARMM

    Angel Lhi F. Dela Cruz, Amera C. Malaco, Cherie C. Mangaoang

3. Outline Technique in Teaching Writing Skill at Mts Negeri 1, Morotai Island

    Megawati Basri, Rina Wahyuni, Gullty Karlos Papingka, Ledy Yanti Lessy. 

4. Deixis in Folklore Collections and Implications for Learning Indonesian Language and Literature in Senior High School

    Siti Setiawati

5. Transactional Leadership: Employee Performance and Organizational Performance (Literature Review) 

  Muliyati, Lily,Wenny Desty Febrian,Muhammad Rajab, Muhammad Thamrin AR

6. Determinants of Senior High School Tracks and Strands Inclination of Grade 10 Students of Buenavista II

   Julius Monterde Virtudazo, Jr

7. Bryophytes in Greenhills, President Roxas, Cotabato

   Rikka Bianca Condes, Angel Lhi F. Dela Cruz, Marry Joy L. Badilles, Harold E. Fuentes, Romeo, Jr. V. Bordios, Amera C. Malaco, Sarip Tarita A. AmpatuanAli, Norolhaq H. Usop, Ryan B. Oños,Cherie C. Mangaoang

8. Inclusion of Mental Health in National Rural Health Mission (NRHM): Challenges and Prospects

   Mudasir Rajab, Mohd Azam Khan

9. The Impact of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

    Mahabub Basha S, Kethan M

10. Impact of artificial intelligence on marketing

   Mahabub Basha S 

11. Is It Enough? An Analysis of the Living Conditions of Left Behind and Migrant Children Receiving Cash Transfers in Qinghai and Anhui Provinces of China 

    Jianping Yao, Robert Walker

12. On The Use of Analysis of Variance under Unequal group variances

    Abidoye, A. O, Egburonu O. D

13. Awareness and Knowledge of Libyan Women about Endometriosis

    Salwa Muftah Eljamay, Jannat Ebrayek Elhassadi, Hameda Asrafel

14. Application of Minimum Bayes Factor to a Balanced Two-Way Anova With Random Effects

    Abidoye A. O , Egburonu O. D ,Adewara, A.A and Popoola, J

15. Statistical Analysis on Influence of Biology Laboratory Practical on Senior Secondary Students’ Academic Performance in Ilorin East Lga, Kwara State

    Abidoye, F. Omosholape and Abidoye A. Omotayo

16. Beach Safety Practices and Preservation Management Strategies of the Selected Beach Resorts in Occidental Mindoro 

    Aezenette C. Agkis, Ferdinand II E. Andres, John Aero P. Caraan, Queenz Rhovie D. Jualan, and John Carlo R. Rivadenera


Vol. 2 No. 4 April 2023

1. Employee Retention Strategy: Analysis Path Career, Compensation Benefit, Organization Commitment & Reward System

     Azmieti Kurnia Sinta, Bekti Setiadi, Jumawan, Endah Suci Damayanti, Josua Panatap Soehaditama

2. Using Social Media Promotions and Mixed Marketing Methods: Analysis Increasing the Interest of Transportation Jaklingko Passengers

    Prima Widiyanto, Ika Utami Yulihapsari

3. The Impact of Organizational Commitment on the Job Satisfaction of College Teachers in the College of Business Administration of Negros Oriental State University

    Jaysone Christopher M. Bancoro

4. Empirical Analysis on the Preference of Negros Oriental State University Students to Online Shopping

    Jaysone Christopher M. Bancoro

5. Implementation of Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm with Optimized Parameter Grid for Clustering Electronic Product Sales

    Rini Astuti, Nining Rahaningsih, Umi Hayati, Cep Lukman Rohmat, Nana Suarna

6. Business Opportunity Human Resource Information System for a Human Resource Department to Create Career Path and Performance Evaluation

Ni Nyoman Sawitri, Primadi Candra Susanto, Sugeng Suroso, Sarinah Sihombing

7. Demographic Profile, Employment Status, Competencies, Skills and Values Acquired among Bachelor of Elementary Education Graduates

     Sherralyn Lacay, Cenby Eppie Gaytos, Eddie Manzano

8. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Approach in the Preaching of Ustadz Rino Zeldeni

    Dicky Nur Rahman, Akbar Trio Mashuri, Ali Nurdin

9. Exploring Differences in Demographic Profiles and Digital Footprint Awareness between Private and Public-School Students: A Comparative Study

    Cris Norman P. Olipas

10. Leadership Development in the Context of a Russian Beneficiation Plant: Quasi-Experiment

    Marina Kravtšuk

11. Technology Proficiency and School Culture as the Influence of Teaching Behavior among Public Elementary School Teacher

    Maricris U. Catog

12. Social Solidarity: Getting to Know the Uniqueness and Cultural Appeal of Traditional Dayak Tribes

    Janes Sinaga, Indrayadi, Juita Lusiana Sinambela, Reviandari  Widyatiningtyas

13. Artisanal Fishers Knowledge of Covid 19 and the Impact of Lock Down on Fishing in Igbomotoru Bayelsa State, Niger Delta

    Ngodigha, Sabina Alatari

14. Population Assessment and Threats to Long-Tailed Macaques (Macaca Fascicularis Raffles) in Areas Outside Sumile Botanical and Zoological Park, Butuan City, Philippines

    Jay Y. Tiempo, Joshua Dave G. Blancia, Kevin G. Canelio, Joel A. Mercado, Victor L. Corbita, Roger T. Sarmiento

15. Exploring Work Climate among University Personnel

    Lycel Lagnason-Pacheco

16. An Ethnographic Study of Yakan Oral Tradition in Southern Philippines: Perspectives from the Community

    Saddam L. Pacio

17. Withstanding the Challenges on Infantry Operational Courses: The Case of Military Women in the Division Training School in Cotabato City 

    Catherine Joy V. Rolluqui, Sittie Noor Ohara A. Karon, Marianne Daphne B. Villahermosa, Wilter C. Friales

18. Revisiting Subanen History through Analyses of Flora and Fauna in Subanen Folklore

    Paul Omar Gangoso

19. A Framework for Technical Vocational Education and Training for Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines

     Paul Omar Gangoso

20. Continuing Professional Development Model in the Schools Division of Sarangani

    Roy D. Tribunalo, Gaudy C. Ortizo

21. The Implications of Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Human Resource Management Strategies

Hasan Abdulsalam Ali Emran, Fathia .M. Elhony

22. Contributions of Entrepreneurship to Strategic Success Entrepreneurial Contributions of Business Organizations in Achieving Strategic Success

    Hasan Abdulsalam Ali Emran, Fathia .M. Elhony

23. Networks of Participation and Influence: Attitudes and Behaviors of a “High Threshold” Person Living with HIV-AIDS

    Brian Saludes Bantugan, Pricila Buzon Marzan, John Mark Suratos Distor

24. Literature Review on Detecting Bubbles in Stock Market

    Adrianna Syariefur Rakhmat, Mohammad Hatta Fahamsyah

25. Difficulty of Teachers in Developing School-Based Self-Learning Modules: Basis for I’m Assertive, Motivated to Focus Guro Development (iAM-FGD) Program 

     Joan B. Minerales, Roy D. Tribunalo, George Jagunos

26. Use of Social Media in the Convenient 2020 Election of Regent and Deputy Regent Pandemic Time of Covid-19 in Majene District


27. Synchronization of Time Period for Settlement of Dispute Payment of Compensation for the Procurement of the Pandaan Malang Toll Road

    Mazarini Maulidia Aizza Udin, Abdul Rachmad Budiono, Yenny Eta

28. Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Foam Concrete

    J.N. Puvaneshwaran, E.Vipurajan, A.Dhanalakshmi, Dr.M.Shahul Hameed, J.Jeyaseela

29. Regional Autonomy and Poverty in Indonesia: A Literature Review

    Muhammad, Awal Nopriyanto Bahasoan, Marsudi

30. Misinterpretation of the CT Value Assessment in the Covid 19 Test Examination with the PCR SWAB Means of Healing 

    Diaty Gusliani, Siti Warda,Sri Rahayu

31. Processing of Organic Waste Using Biopori Infiltration Holes Case Study: Organic Waste at Christian University of Technology Solo) 

     Elvis Umbu Lolo, Richardus Indra Gunawan, Agerippa Yanuranda Krismani, Yonathan Suryo Pambudi, Cicik Sudaryantingsih, Widianto, Ripi

32. Implementation of Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm with Optimized Parameter Grid for Clustering Electronic Product Sales 

    Rini Astuti, Nining Rahaningsih, Umi Hayati, Cep Lukman Rohmat, Nana Suarna


Vol. 2 No. 5 May 2023

1. Discussion on Covid-19 and International Relations: VOSviewer Bibliometric Analysis of Articles by US and Chinese Authors

Yeyen Subandi, Ariel Nethan, Maria Veri Diana Baun Yuel

2. Intolerance of Marriage Relations between Husband and Wife (Psychological Case Study of Marital Rape) 

Dewi Ulfah Arini

3. Environmental Awareness and Initiatives of Sixth Graders: Basis for an Extension Program

Gemcer Selda, Jenny-ann Selda

4. Product Development Supports the Business Strategy of Manufacturing Companies in the Plastic and Packaging Sub-Sector (Case Study: PT. Jerlin Kencana Sakti) 

Miftakul Huda, Puspo Dewi Dirgantari

5. Digital Leadership for Agile Organization and Organizational Sustainability

Josua Panatap Soehaditama, Agustian Zen, Jumawan, Didin Sjarifudin, Tri Widyastuti, Bambang Karsono

6. The Influence of Workload and Motivation on the Performance of Employees of the Rakat Mufakat Village Bumdes in Tanah Bumbu Regency

Usman, Irawanto, Rizalul Gadi, Jamili, Muhammad Mochtar Mandala Silam, Akhmad Riduan

7.Effectiveness of Revolutic Biospray Preparations against Wound Healing

Naomi Malaha, Dewi Sartika, Rahmat Pannyiwi, Zainal, Via Zakiah

8. Fishers’ Cultural Funds of Knowledge and Translanguaging Praxis for the Development of Contextualized Instructional Material: A Narrative Ethnography

Joefry Q. Barcebal