• Darin Jan Tindowen University of Saint Louis
  • Thelma Baricaua University of Saint Louis



Catholicity, Liturgical Activities, Paraliturgical Activities, Enrichment Activities, Other Religious Related Activities


This study aimed to assess the level of participation of the students of the University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City, Philippines to religious activities initiated by the Campus Ministry office namely liturgical celebrations, para-liturgical celebrations, enrichment activities, and other religious-related activities. 470 respondents across the Louisian community were considered in the study through a descriptive survey and Focus Group Discussion. Results show that mission animation activities have the highest level of participation of students while the celebration of the sacrament of confirmation has the lowest level of participation. Moreover, results of the independent sample T-test and the Analysis of Variance test reveal that sex, age, school/department, and parish involvement affect the level of participation of the students in religious activities. The study concluded that the level of participation of the students in the different religious activities is in moderate extent.


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